Gary Ditsch

I have a passion to help people live healthier and happier lives. This desire and an enthusiasm for technology has guided me throughout my career. It has been the thread that connects all of my experiences, whether that was as a health educator in a public health department, a coach for runners and triathletes or as a product manager and lead exercise physiologist for Retrofit, Inc.


I am focused on finding and creating innovative ways to use technology to meet this end goal. This means understanding health related data sources, such as wearables, digital health applications, IOT, digital diagnostics and other sensor technologies. I work to use this knowledge to create software and analytic tools.


Empowering consumers, coaches, health and fitness professionals, health educators, medical professionals and allied health professionals is a key outcome for the integration of my passion to help others combined with my enthusiasm for technology


When not working on building solutions for people to use, I try and connect others that have similar passions and interests. I do this with a local running group, hosting the Active Lexington podcast and hosting a meetup called Health Tech Lex, all of these are focused on improving the community in Lexington, Kentucky.

Things I am into

Running. Husker Football. Data. Outdoor Adventure. Python (the coding language). R. Javascript. Experimentation. Red River Gorge. Live Music. Fitbit. Strava. My dog Kelty. Podcasts. Hanging out with friends.