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Ventre Tech LLC is a full stack web development firm based in Lexington, Kentucky. We help our clients clarify their objectives, and value clear, consistent communication. The iterative workflow that we use maximizes the opportunities for our clients to evaluate the direction of their projects and re-prioritize if it becomes necessary.
We primarily use Django and AngularJS, and our developers have experience with a variety of languages, including Python, PHP, R, Javascript and Scala. Our developers use test-driven development to ensure that the applications we make are stable and secure. We have strong interests in projects that use React, React Native, and Scala.js.
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Thomas Cothran
Gary Ditsch
Lexington, KY

Lexington, Kentucky


Inter-Hospital Transfers more_vert

A platform that facilitates patient transfers between hospitals.

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Inter-Hospital Transfers close

Inter-Hospital transfers is a platform that facilitates the transfer of patients between hospitals. The application was built on contract for Signal Health Partners, a value based care organization based in New York City.

The application was built in Meteor, with React on the front end. Materialize CSS is used for the CSS framework. Flow Types (a more ML/Haskellish TypeScript) is used alongside Ramda.js to get the benefits of a relatively pure functional style.

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Technology: Django, AngularJS, Django Rest Framework, AWS, Bootstrap, Ramda, Postgres

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Athletic teams have traditionally struggled with injury rates and illness during competition periods. Coaches are often made aware of health problems late, if ever at all. In most cases, these problems can be avoided if they are caught and addressed early on.

PyCoach is a software service that allows coaches to easily monitor the wellness of their athletes. Each athlete fills in a wellness questionnaire every morning, which pyCoach then reports to the coach using intuitive and attractive dashboards. This enables the coach to have an immediate window into how the players are feeling each day. In turn, the coach can then start the conversation with any players showing signs of illness, injury, or overtraining.

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Decision Desk more_vert

Revamping collegiate applications front end with complex conditional logic

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Decision Desk close

Contracted by Decision Desk, a company that provides a platform for collegiate and university applications, to work on their form generator. Colleges want to be able to create complex, multipage forms with condiditional logic between fields and pages.

Created a specification that allowed conditional logic to show, hide, or change the options in fields or other panels. The specification allows for an indefinite number of logical conditions, including nested conditions. Then modified UI for form creation to use the specification.

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Good Medicine more_vert

A platform for physicians to find medium term contract work with hospitals.

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Good Medicine close

A platform that allows hospitals to post medium term jobs and find physicans that match their criteria. Physicians can likewise register to search hospital postings and sign up for notifications.

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